Andreanne Langlois

En route vers Rio 2016

Merci beaucoup à @faequebec et à @la_capitale pour votre support inconditionnel lors de ses nombreuses années. Vous avez été là dans les bonnes et les moins bonnes saisons. Ça c’est très appréciée. C’est un grand honneur d’avoir obtenu une bourse de « Soutien » et je vais définitivement continuer à performer dans mon sport, dans mes études et à m’impliquer au sein de ma communauté. MERCI 1000 fois!!

Last sunday off after a long but good camp! Soon I will trade sand for ice! 💁🏻‍♀️🎉💃🏻

Wedding time!!! Yes ! It was time to celebrate love and friendship!!! Time to catch up with my baeess. Congrats @zachcameron and @chrylab again, next step a doggo🐶 and a army of 👶🏻!!!! 🔥😍☺️

My 2018 was something. 2019 will be a new way for me to start fresh. New year, same me, just a upgrade. @alannabl you tha best 😘😍

My baby is ready!!! Second boat 🚣🏻‍♀️ 🦄!!! Thanks @nelocanada for the sweet desing:) So excited to start the season with some fresh gear !!!

Finishing the Year, with two tittles of Pan Ams Champ. Races are getting better and better everytime. Fun is back on the game. Doubt is flying away. Heart is pomping. Brain is thinking straight. Exciting for next year!

Season done for me. Hard year in so many levels. Try my best to race with my struggles and demons. Not there yet, but making my way. Honestly , it was Not the results that I wanted. Still came 2 in Canada overall 🤪🇨🇦. Not enough to make the World unfortunately . Will be there next year 👋🏻😚#youcantbreakme #cktr #ownit #sweetandsalty #mostlysalty